Other Ways to Give

Checks or Donor Advised Funds

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To donate via check, or from your DAF, complete these two steps:


    1. Fill out the form below. Include your basic information, and then in the Comments box, state how you will donate (e.g. "I will be donating $____ by check" or "I will be donating $____ from my Fidelity DAF"). Without this, we won't be able to acknowledge your donation or keep you updated on the progress of the fund.
    2. Send funds. Mail your check/instruct your DAF to make a grant with the following information:

    Payable to: Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

    Purpose/Memo:  giv4 Homelessness in San Diego fund

    Address: 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.

    Additional information (if required): Our EIN is 95-2504044, our phone number is 858.279.2740 and our email address is [email protected].

    For inquiries about different payment methods (wire, stock, etc.) please also fill out the form below and we will reply shortly.

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