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Climate We Want
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How giv4 Works

  • How It Works 1
    1. We Vetted a Fund of 8 Nonprofits

    We worked with local experts to curate a fund of organizations focusing on local communities impacted by climate and environment changes.

  • How It Works 2
    2. You Join the Fund

    You donate to the giv4 climate san diego fund, and 100% of the money received is distributed to the nonprofits.

  • How It Works 3
    3. You See Your Impact Each Month

    Every month, a different nonprofit from the giv4 fund shares their story.

  • 4
    4. You Learn Along the Way

    Addressing climate change is complicated. We break it down so you can grapple with the issues and learn more about the solutions.

giv4 climate girl planting tree

What is giv4?

giv4 makes it easy to have an impact on big causes in San Diego like homelessness and climate change. We've worked with experts to curate a collection of nonprofits taking on these big issues.

With one donation, you are supporting a group of vetted San Diego-area non-profits. Each month we tell the story of a different one of the nonprofits, so you gradually learn about the complexities of these big issues.

(100% of all funds received go directly to the San Diego nonprofits).

This giv4 "curated philanthropy" model is a unique initiative of the Jewish Community Foundation San Diego, one of the largest grant makers in San Diego. An important part of our mission is to advance a sustainable, just and vibrant society for all of San Diego, and this initiative is specifically targeted at San Diegans of all backgrounds.

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